Inspirational Speaking

Shawntá Pulliam’s ‘testimony of triumph and rising above the storms of adversity, along with her inspirational, motivating and illuminated spirit, leaves her audience and students empowerment, inspired and radiating a life filled and ready for purpose! Shawnta’s great presentation skills were recognized by the legendary Les Brown who gave her the nickname “Shawntá The Great.”

When it comes to inspiring people from all walks of life, Shawntá is gifted and will inspire and motivate your audience into their next level and beyond what their human eye can see!


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Life Coaching

Take control of your life and soar into your destiny!

Sign up today for Shawntá’s 30 minute life-changing coaching session! Sessions focus on: Personal Development, Healthy Life Style Habits, Overcoming Life’s Obstacles and Discovering & Walking In Your Life’s Purpose. Receive guidance from someone who has a heart for God and helping  people, one who has overcome her own trials and tribulations and is walking in purpose.  Request a specialized mind,body and spirit success plan. Arise Into your destiny and claim your victory TODAY!

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Business Development

Shawnta’ has extensive experience making nothing out of  something and turning ideas into reality.  As the founder of a non-profit organization, as well as an LLC., Shawnta’ can assist you with writing your business plan, grantwriting, how to develop strong business partnerships, branding advice, marketing and advertising advice and more!


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Community & Program Development

Shawnta’ is a problem solver. In 2006 she founded Nurturing Heart’s, Inc. a 501c3 non-profit organization for at-risk girls. She saw a community need and tackled it, raising over 500,000 dollars in donations. Is there a communty need you are looking to solve? Do you have a mission? Allow Shawnta’ to coach you in the stretegic planning, design, implementation. Need a curriculum?  She will provide you with a evidence based coordinated set of activities designed to enhance wellness or to prevent, reduce, or eliminate one or more problems of a group or community!


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Events Planning

Shawnta’ has the gift of vision, which’s allows her to “uniquely” create and develop your next large scale event such as: conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, church anniversaries or conventions. Shawnta’ has booked local entertainment as well as nationally recognized artist! She has planned first annual events, to Monumentous Centennials! The sky is the limit!



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Author Training

Do you have the desire in your heart to write a book? Do you dream of sharing your story with the world? Shawnta’ is a published author, who believes that everyone has a story that can help the next person along, their life’s journey. She will assist you with the creation of your book idea, help you develop a format that will motivate you to write, and coach you along as you develop a book proposal to submit to publishing agencies!

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Nurturing Hearts, Inc.


Founded by Shawntá Pulliam, Nurturing Heart’s is a non-profit organization that develops 6 month self-esteem and self-development programs for at risk women and girls. Start a program in your city today!  /  Support Letters

Shawntá Pulliam Arise Offers Several Powerful Presentations:

Shawntá Pulliam creates and presents presentations that will motivate, inspire, educate and change a person’s way of thinking towards a more positive path in life.  She is gifted in writing and presenting any type of presentation that is requested of her, in the areas of the mind, body and spirit, ranging from self-esteem, relationships, conquering struggles, bringing your dreams into fruition and much more.  Below are a few of her life changing presentations.

You may also provide your own topic and she will create a presentation especially for you and your audience.


The Art of Forgiveness and Power Within

In this presentation Shawnta’ Pulliam explains and reveals how forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.  It allows us to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually, gives us inner peace, and helps us grow into our best selves in our minds, bodies, and spirit.  Learn the steps of forgiveness and how to be patient because it is a process but a much needed one.

This presentation is for people from all walks of life.


Overcoming Life’s Obstacle

In this presentation Shawnta’ Pulliam explains the sole purpose of obstacles that may come our way how they are meant to take us off course from pursuing our purpose in life and being our best selves. Learn the steps and exercises to defeat life’s obstacles so you can turn your pain into power.

This presentation is for people from all walks of life.


Don’t let your dreams become deferred

In this dream awakening presentation, Shawnta’ explains the danger in a deferred dream, how to recognize dream killers and the power in envisioning, writing and speaking your dreams into existence.

This presentation is for people from all walks of life.


Relationships 101 for women

In this eye opening presentation, Shawnta’ explains the types of men to stray away from, how to date with class and make lady like choices.  She also explains the power of waiting and not jumping into relationships too quickly.

This is a presentation for women 18+ but can be tailored for girls ages 13-18.


Love the Skin you’re in

In this love for self-presentation, Shawnta’ explains how loving the skin you’re in does not have to do with your outer appearance but loving who you are inside.   Learn how to think positive and enjoy being the person God created you to be….special, unique and loved.

This presentation is for girls ages 10-18


Love Lust and Infatuation

Learn the difference between love, lust and infatuation so you’re not easily manipulated, thinking its love when it is really lust.  In this presentation Shawnta’ provides an interactive  powerful music exercise that teaches you how to listen for what a guy is really looking for to  see if it matches up with his actions.

This presentation is for middle and high school girls but is also available for women 18 and over.


Shawntá Pulliam Arise Services the following:

  1. Social Service Organizations
  2. Women and Girls
  3. Children and Youth
  4. Churches and Civic Institutions
  5. Corporations
  6. Communities and Neighbor Hoods
  7. Schools
  8. Colleges and Universities
  9. Individuals

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