Shawntá Pulliam

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Youth Advocate,
Life Coach, Overcomer

About Shawntá

Behold Shawntá's Testimony Of Triumph From Darkness, Into God's Purpose and Light

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Rise above your past. Empower your present. Soar into your destiny.

Shawntá Pulliam

Shawntá Pulliam’s ‘testimony of triumph and rising above the storms of adversity, along with her inspirational, motivating and illuminated spirit, leaves her audience and students empowerment, inspired and radiating a life filled and ready for purpose!

She has been a life coach and facilitator to children, women and professionals for over 15 years! Shawntá’s great presentation skills were recognized by the legendary Les Brown who gave her the nickname “Shawntá The Great” and also served as her mentor and wrote the forward to her book “Hell Bent Heaven Bound”

When it comes to inspiring people from all walks of life, Shawntá is gifted and is confident that her calling in life is to uplift and inspire others.


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